Can pregnant women sleep on latex mattresses?


Obstetrics and gynecology experts pointed out those soft mattresses are not suitable for pregnant women, soft mattresses will be unfavorable to pregnant women’s cervical spine, and it is not easy to turn over with pregnant women. The nine-zone independent barrel massage spring is designed to fit the body curve perfectly and can adapt to various sleeping postures of the body, according to reviews.

The spring of the massage nature let the pregnant woman sleep side less without pressure, use the packaging bag to wrap each independent spring, the pregnant woman will not make noise when turning over, which will ensure the quiet sleeping environment of pregnant women. The vent hole designed on the latex mattress has good ventilation performance. When the pregnant woman is asleep, it will naturally ventilate and dissipate heat, and it will radiate the damp heat of the pregnant woman.

How it has happened?

There is very interesting data that claims that if the resistance of pregnant women is 1, and the resistance of the fetus is 0.5, then the resistance of pregnant women and fetuses is 0.75, which means that the fetus absorbs the nutrition of pregnant women during the development process. At the same time, it is reducing the resistance of pregnant women, and the decreased resistance of pregnant women is most likely to cause allergies or static electricity in pregnant women. Static electricity has a great impact on the general population, so it is not necessary.


The mattress is in contact with the pregnant woman for half of the day, and the possibility of static electricity generated by the mattress is also quite high. The ordinary mattress has a possibility of rubbing static electricity with the body of the pregnant woman by as much as 85%, while the surface of the latex mattress is The anti-mite knitted fabric has the effect of skin-friendly and odor-free and has an inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria and static electricity, which can protect the pregnant woman who is prone to skin allergy or is prone to static electricity.